How do you know trauma? How does it feel? Where does it live in your mind/body? Where are you free from it in your life? How does it grow & why? How does it stop?

Over the past decade, Yoga Therapist Nina Be’s Empowerment Circles for Transforming Trauma have inspired hundreds of human beings to live fuller lives with purpose and compassion. By cueing present moment awareness through embodied anatomy & breathing techniques, resonant neuro-biology and sound, creative writing & drawing, group discussion and applied mindfulness lifestyle practices, individuals and groups are supported to build trust & sustainable well-being.

What to Expect::

Topics covered in this MindBody Centering Yoga for Trauma module are concerned with learning ways to identify patterns, methods for enhancing self regulation, recognizing the 5 'fs', realizing subtle negative or inaccurate perceptions about others, places, memories and triggers. We will practice Hatha Raja Yoga techniques to support a person in order to change the  individual's negative narrative and focusing on present moment resources that  always the body .  This module offers an opportunity for deep inquiry into understanding all aspects of suffering that may feel stifling or isolating. 

Module:: $325
Specialization:: $500


  • A study of the 7 phases of presence & transformation, deep attention in regards to the 5 bodies.

  • Shared and experiential research led inquiry into the physical, mental, emotional & neurological effects of suffering.

  • Name & explore aspects of various expressions of suffering.

  • MBCY methodology to navigate the 5 F’s.

  • Aspects of suffering will be broken down into cultural, societal, familial & circumstantial origins.

  • Create a positive dialogue about suffering with deep listening, present moment awareness & embodiment.

  • How to use the Yamas and Niyamas as tools to understand & process the suffering transformation.

Required resources::

The Body Keeps the Score - Bessel Van Der Kolk (for sale @global breath studio)

Expressive Writing- J.W. Pennebaker & J.F.Evans (for sale @global breath studio)

'Centering' cd - nina be

Meet Your Teachers:

Nina Be

Nina Be

Loving community of elephants making a journey together

Global Breath Studio
Durham, NC

Fri: 2-5 pm;

Sat: 7:00 am - 10:30 am (living arts collective-410 w. geer durham)

12-4pm (dream space- 305 s. dillard durham)

Sun:  7:00 am - 10:30 am (living arts collective-410 w. geer durham)

12-4pm (dream space- 305 s. dillard durham)

November 8-10, 2019

*You must pre-register for modules 2 weeks in advance (space permitting).